ARTS THERAPY is the umbrella term applied to Art-, Drama-, Dance/Movement- and Music Therapy. Arts Therapists specialise in one of the above mentioned modalities and are registered under Arts Therapy AT the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Psychotherapeutic principles form the basis of the Arts Therapies.

Internationally, the Arts Therapies are regarded as an important and valuable psychotherapeutic intervention for a broad client population. Recently, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in the UK has launched their WHAT? Campaign, (Why Hire an Arts Therapist?)

One of the greatest strengths of the Arts Therapies, is that clients who find it difficult to express themselves verbally, due to language barriers, high stress levels, trauma, mental illness, neurological injuries, impaired cognitive, intellectual or physical functioning, amongst others, can find an outlet for expression, despite these “barriers”, through art, drama, movement and music.

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Community Applied Arts Projects

Applied Arts refers to the practice of art, music, theatre and drama with marginalized communities. The focus is on the use of the arts to grapple with complex social issues and to offer a platform and voice to silenced minorities. Emphasis is placed on the processes of creating visual/performing arts that reflect the authentic voice of the participants and the process culminates in a performance or exhibition that is open to peers and the wider community. In this way, the wider community network is engaged in the process whilst the participants have the powerful experience of having their work witnessed. Our applied arts projects are facilitated by trained applied arts practitioners and arts therapists.

Arts Therapy Projects

We offer specialist Arts Therapy sessions to smaller groups or individuals in communities who may struggle with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Our practice also include working with trauma, loss and mental health problems. Arts Therapy is widely recognized as a helpful form of psychological therapy to children and adults who may struggle to express their thoughts and with words. Arts Therapists combines psychotherapeutic principles with their chosen arts modality.

Creative Arts Support (CAS) Workshops

A CAS workshop can be a once-off event or a series of workshops aimed at offering exploration and meaning making through the intentional use of arts processes. The workshops are designed according to the specific needs of a group and may include themes around team building, role flexibility, communication, problem-solving, confidence and creative thinking.

Arts Practitioner support, CPD and training

We are committed to being an inclusive collective that can support other arts practitioners in the field and in their practice. We offer supervision to training and qualified arts practitioners, as well as hosting various CPD and training events towards best practice and the expansion of the field of arts therapies in South Africa.