Our name is derived from two words that mean both ‘to play’ and ‘mirror’ in Afrikaans. Our logo reflects the capacity of the arts to playfully transform a set concept, such as a word, into a symbol or metaphor with layered meanings. The ‘i’ in sp(i)eel has been put in brackets to symbolize the therapeutic nature of our organisation, which is to always hold the person, and his/her well-being at the core of our work.

To ‘play and mirror’ refers to the function of the arts as a mirror to society for expression, reflection and making sense. It also speaks to the therapeutic aspect of the arts therapies, where the art form is applied as a mirror to Self for exploration and understanding. Furthermore, it is through the playful nature of the arts that humans connect with their innate creativity.

In South Africa there is not equal access to therapeutic arts programmes. We aim to make the intentional use of the arts accessible towards health, well-being, development and transformation for all.

Our vision is arts to empower well people in thriving communities.

Mission Statement

We develop and implement focused applied arts and arts therapy programmes in identified communities.

We are a collective who support arts practitioners in their communities and we seek to collaborate with existing organizations towards a shared goal of mobilising and supporting enterprising communities.

We are committed to research for best practice when addressing psycho-social issues through the arts.