Oude Libertas Creative Arts Staff Support Project

About CASS projects

In acknowledgement of the increasing pressure at the workplace and the demands of modern life, as well as the need for a holistic approach to staff wellbeing, sp(i)eel offers Creative Arts Staff Support (CASS)  projects. The purpose of these projects is to build and develop a healthy work environment where all members of staff feels heard and valued. The sessions draw on arts therapy modalities, mindfulness and reflective function and are tailored according to the needs of each staff group. They are facilitated by an arts therapist.

Oude Libertas


In collaboration with Distell's holistic approach to creativity and wellbeing, the CASS project was requested as a staff wellbeing project.  As an organisation with firm roots in the creative arts, a drama therapist was invited to work with this medium as a way to facilitate the expressing and exploration of the working environment, as well as reflecting on our roles within it.


Our aims are to offer a safe, creative space that can help to reduce and manage stress from the demands of work. We also promote team building and skills exchange between team members as well as reflect on team and organisational dynamics. Lastly, we offer a confidential forum and supportive space where staff can work with and decrease the impact of emotional issues that may arise from work and home life.

Funder to thank: 

The Distell Foundation