Introducing another of sp(i)eel's partners...

OntdEK is an applied drama programme hosted by s­p(i)eel, using creative, interactive and engaging workshop methods to develop a variety of soft skills that support positive habits and lay the foundation for a fulfilling and autonomous future. It is a  comprehensive workshop series that includes follow-up activities, reading materials and creative journaling prompts. Each participant leaves the programme with a simple, practical and personally relevant plan for a future endeavour.

OntdEK is a highly flexible programme designed to adapt to the specific needs and available resources of each unique community and project. The full programme can be rolled out in as little as 2 weeks or over 8months. For more information on rollout options and costing please contact Uné Conradie: 072 424 7812/ info@ontdek.org.za.

Uné's role in sp(i)eel:

I am an applied drama practitioner,  responsible for the development and role out of the OndEK programme. 

I am also a Creative M&E consultant, responsible for the development and role out of a  Creative M&E system. A Creative M&E approach support organizations in the social development sector to effectively communicate the impact of their programmes by including the voices and lived experience of the programme beneficiaries in a mini documentary that ultimately serve both stakeholders and beneficiaries. 

A personal development program hosted by sp(i)eel and the Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch.